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My Top 5 Contact Page Must Haves

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Your website should have 3 goals:

  • showcase your product or service,
  • show your ideal client WHY they should hire you, and
  • make it as easy as possible for them to contact (and then hire) you.

You don’t want to just have a standard “name, email, your message here” form on a bare bones page on your site.

Your contact page is an opportunity to solidify why you’re the best (photographer/designer/creative/etc) for your clients, and how well taken care of they’ll be in your hands.

Your contact page should be treated with the same care and attention as your home page.

The 5 Things Your Contact Page Needs to Have

1. Important Info “Above the Fold”

Information “above the fold” means whatever the user sees on the screen (on desktop or mobile) without having to scroll. Don’t just have a banner image with your logo.

Here are the key things to have above the fold:

  • A heading that clearly states that the next step is to contact you: “Get in Touch” “Contact Me” etc
  • Something that re-confirms: who you serve, where you’re located & what you offer (Example “Photography (what I offer) for lovers who want to take the road less traveled (who I serve) in Ottawa, Ontario, and worldwide” (where I’m located))
  • The next step (scroll for more info, fill in the form below)
  • A visual representation of your brand (a photo, short video clip, a product shot)

2. Links to Other Pages

Give your potential clients and customers more information than you think they need, and answer their questions before they even think of them.


  • FAQ page
  • Your Approach (the experience, what to expect, how this works, your process)
  • Pricing
  • Anything else that makes sense for your business (your travel schedule, your appointment calendar, etc)

Wanna check out my very own “submit successful” page, plus get your own free guide and checklist?!

3. Response Time

Don’t leave people hanging. Give them a SPECIFIC timeframe. When will you follow up? Two days? Two hours? Two weeks? (I hope not! lol!) Write out very clearly when they should expect to hear back, and give them an additional email address to contact you at just in case.

4. A Concise Contact Form

Keep it brief! Keep it short, to the point, ask them for only the most relevant details, and make it as easy as possible for them to fill out your contact form.

*FAST. also make sure they can fill it in in it’s entirety and click “submit” in under 3 minutes. Seriously, test this out. If you can’t fill it in yourself in under 3 minutes, no way they’re going to be able to.

I have my Honeybook contact form embedded on my website, so whenever someone inquires it’s linked directly to my Honeybook account. I not only get notifications on multiple platforms, I can fully customize the fields, layout, and branding elements (colours, fonts, you name it!). It creates a totally cohesive, professional form and makes storing and organizing your inquiries so much easier!

If you want to jump in and save big on Honeybook, you can snag it for 50% off using this link!

You can also learn all about creating a more efficient workflow with Honeybook in this post.

5. A Custom “Submit Successful” Page

This is where you’re going to link a custom, cool page after your potential client clicks “submit” on your form.

If you use a program like Honeybook or Dubsado, you can use the default “submit successful” message that shows up after a client hits “send” on your form. Or, you can input your own custom URL that directs clients to your own web page once they hit “send” or “submit”.

After a client scrolls through your contact page and fills in the form, you can create your own “submit successful” page that serves them well – before you even reply!

This page is going to offer:

  • clear next steps,
  • additional resources,
  • a lil fun blurb about you, and
  • heck, I even used to embed a calendar app so they could book a coffee date with me.

So, there are 5 simple ways you can add value to your contact page:

  1. with a header and subheader that state who, what, and where
  2. links to important information
  3. when they should expect a response
  4. a quick and easy contact form
  5. and a custom “submit successful” page

Once you set aside about an hour or so to add all of these tweaks, you’ll be ready to offer MEGA value to inquiring clients!

Wanna check out my very own “submit successful” page, plus get your own free guide and checklist?!

Not sure what to do once that inquiry rolls in?


Email follow up templates for photographers and creative entrepreneurs

Snag my email follow up templates so you can craft an awesome, out of the box response and know exactly when – and how – to follow up!

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