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Josh and Lauren are the ultimate example of #couplegoals. Not only are these happy islanders gorgeous, happily married, and amazing photographers themselves, they also love adventure, are frequent travellers, and run their successful photography and videography business together out of their home base of Oahu, Hawaii. They met years ago, and their story is pretty […]

Sena and Eric are living in their Hawaiian plantation dream home on the island of Oahu, not far from where we photographed their boho elopement. Sena documents their life with their three small children (and one more on the way!) on her Instagram account, and her followers LOVE her (myself included!). They are such an […]

WHEN MATCHING TEES ACTUALLY LOOK COOL – AKA, A LOVE STORY    Tim + Tigest met in Calabogie, a small ski town about an hour outside of Ottawa. It was pure chance (if there is such a thing) – Tim was visiting from Germany and only had 3 weeks left on his visitor’s visa. What […]

  I love to travel and explore new places, and the island of Oahu Hawaii has been on my bucket list forever. With epic, sprawling beaches, green mossy mountains, hiking trails galore, and locals walking around with a surfboard under their arm, it screams “island paradise”. (Plus, driving by Kualoa Ranch – aka Jurassic Valley […]

   TOP 5 REASONS TO ELOPE      Lately, a lot of couples are forgoing a large, more traditional wedding for a tiny, intimate ceremony in the great outdoors. There are a ton of different reasons for the increase in adventurous elopements in the past few years. A lot of it has to do with […]

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I already knew that they were super fun, sweet together, and that they wanted their wedding to be as fun as much as they wanted it to be beautiful. What I wasn’t expecting was for it to be so genuinely touching, heartfelt and memorable. Oh, and the party was also super fun (see fun dancy photos below). Kait and Kyle did a perfect job making their wedding day insanely beautiful. It was so amazing to be able to capture not only their wedding, but their first-ever wedding at their new venue…

Katie and Nathan love to travel, sip coffee at the same cafe where they had their first date, are insanely sweet with their adorable puppy Parlee, and though I’m sure Nathan will deny it, love to dance together (you can scroll down and see for yourself!). It was very rare that I had to prompt them to move closer, hold on longer, or to look at each other with nothing but love. Despite wet clothes and having to listen to my rambunctious laughter for a couple hours, they melted into one another and had a great time watching the rain fall, sprinting across the grass, and practicing their best fake-dance moves that turned into some real, absolutely beautiful dancing…

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