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I first chatted with Robyn + Kevin almost a year ago while they were living in their van in New Zealand. I instantly fell in love with them. (Joking. No, not really 😂 – I actually love them). I am SO lucky to have the best clients in the world, and these two are no exception. ❤ We had planned to do couples photos either before or after their wedding, and I’m SO glad we did!

They were gracious enough to spend their anniversary with me, and it was epic! We started with rock climbing, got caught in the rain, and walked through wildflower fields. Quite possibly the best part: after hiking, Robyn + I mowed down on pizza… (while poor Kevin ran back into the woods to find the car keys. 🤷‍♀️😂).

For their anniversary, Robyn + Kevin opted for fun couples photos adventuring & rock climbing, and ended the day watching the sun go down.

We met at Gatineau Park in Quebec on a gorgeous day. Armed with rock climbing gear, vegan pizza, and beer, we set out on an anniversary adventure!

They were not only super fun, open, and gracious… They were also suuuuper patient while they coached my slow ass down a cliff (ok so maybe just like a large rock, but it felt like a real cliff 😂) when I thought there was a slight chance I may die.

After rock climbing, we waited out a passing storm on a rocky overlook. Once the rain stopped, we hiked back down and continued venturing along the trails through the woods.

Even if you’re not planning a wedding, I always recommend planning out an adventure that includes epic couples photos!

At one point I asked them how it was even possible how they’re so fkn cute together. They told me a story about a time a woman stopped them on the street (mid-argument, no less), to tell them how cute they are together. (See?!😂)

Vintage lace dress: Robyn’s own

Florals by Blossom Bar

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