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10 Relationship Tips to Get You Back on Track During Quarantine

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Let’s talk relationships. Quarantine (and being stuck at home together) has thrown everyone off their game. Some day it feels impossible to do it all, especially with extra responsibilities at home. If you’ve felt the connection between you and your partner slipping, keep reading for some simple relationship tips that you can start doing today.

Cute casual beach couple photos

Where there’s effort, there’s connection as a result.

Quarantine has been hard on all of us. Whether you’re out on the front lines or stuck at home trying to look after yourself, your work, your kids, your house, and your dog – it’s hard.

Everyone is allowed:

a bad day,
a bad mood,
a bad reaction.

Inside of your relationship with your partner – you are BOTH allowed all of those things.

What’s important to remember is that those bad days, bad moods, and bad reactions don’t comprise your relationship.

It’s hard to quickly call a good day/mood/reaction to the front of your mind when you’re witnessing a bad (or epic) day/mood/reaction in this moment.

Try starting each day fresh. Especially right now, your partner needs a little extra grace – just like you do. Do something special for them regardless of their current temperament.

It might be an insane thought to try to implement relationship tips on top of everything else you’re trying to juggle – but they don’t have to be complicated.

simple relationship tips to try during quarantine


(regardless of how disconnected you may feel right now)

  1. send them a text to let them know you appreciate them
  2. give them a massage
  3. make them a killer cup of coffee
  4. do a chore that’s normally on their to-do list so they don’t have to (even if you feel like your own to-do list is overloaded)
  5. make them dinner
  6. give them a silent, no-particular-reason-for-it Bear Hug
  7. send them a YouTube video you know they would like
  8. if you have kids, get them to help you make a piece of art or a card as a gift
  9. write down 5 things you love about them every day for a week. At the end of the week, fold it up and tape it to the bathroom mirror or put it on their nightstand
  10. sit beside them – with no phones, no tv on in the background – and just hold hands or snuggle

Another helpful relationship tip is knowing your partner’s Love Language.

If you don’t have time to read the book, you can get all the info you need on the website. There’s even do a fun online quiz you can do with your partner (or kids!) to find out how they best give and receive love.

All of these things are easy to do and cost zero dollars – and most take up very little time.

So invest a bit more of yourself into your partner and your relationship. ESPECIALLY if you feel like the two of you aren’t in the best place right now.

Remember – where there’s consistent effort, there’s a deeper connection as a result. ❤

If you need help in other areas, check out more resources about how to get through the pandemic.

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