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How to Navigate Difficult Times – Coronavirus Support Guide

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Even though the outbreak has been going on for months, it’s really only hit home hard for us here in Canada + North America over the past week. With schools and businesses closed, and Ontario declaring a state of emergency earlier this morning, this difficult time has gotten serious.

People are urged to stay home, wash hands frequently, and limit any outdoor trips to only what’s essential.

This is a tough situation, but if we can stay positive and think of our communities locally and globally, we can all pull through. For everyone stuck at home, I realize how hard it is. Obviously working from home is not nearly as isolating as what we’re experiencing right now, but those of us who live + work in the same space can empathize with anyone who feels stuck and restless. 

I put together some resources for things to focus on to get through this difficult time together.

Working From Home

Whether you’re a self employed entrepreneur or are suddenly working from home – it’s hard. I put together a list of productivity tips to help you get stuff done.

How to Keep Active at Home

My spin studio has closed its doors – as have most other gyms and fitness centres. Even though gyms and recreation centres aren’t open for the time being, you can still do at-home workouts with little to no equipment. Here are some apps and videos to try (I’ve used all of these and love them!):

  • Alo Moves – a library of yoga videos and classes that you can download or stream on your phone. It’s currently under construction but they have a series of free classes you can stream on their YouTube channel.
  • Pure Yoga Online – live video yoga classes that you can join in on. Your first 15 days are free.
  • Beachbody on Demand – a full library of workouts from yoga to MMA to weight training – first two weeks are free.
  • Nike Training Club – these workouts are awesome and you can choose the difficulty based on your fitness level.
  • Sweat App- Kayla Itsines – each HIIT workout is a half hour, and the app also has recipes and meal plans. The first 7 days are free.
  • Wilda Fox – a badass mom who posts quick body-weight workouts on her Instagram account.
  • Don’t feel like using an app? Lace up and go for a run outside.

Keeping Your Kids Entertained

As a working parent, I try to make my time between 830am-3pm as productive as possible. With kids being home from school, though, it’s a whole new set of challenges. These are some programs and things to try with your kids so they can stay busy and continue learning while schools are closed.

How to Stay Positive and Calm

Panic and negativity don’t help anyone. As much as this is a stressful time, with people unable to work, get outside, or provide for their families, being positive will get us through. Lizzo led a mass meditation on Instagram, which is the perfect example of what we all need to be doing – being the light.

Some ways to stay calm and zen:

Support Your Community

Small businesses are having a difficult time due to having to close up shop or events being postponed or cancelled.

Even if you’re not able to work or leave your house, there are still ways you can support local small businesses.

  • shop online with local businesses, boutiques, or service providers
  • share their Facebook posts, comment on their Instagram posts, and share their stories
  • leave them a 5 star Google Review
  • buy gift cards to use at a later date or gift to friends or family
  • order from local restaurants for pickup or delivery
  • don’t ask for refunds (if at all possible)

If you have any other tips or advice that you think would be helpful, please feel free to share in the comments! And make sure to take care of each other and be kind. xo

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