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Top 5 Reasons to Plan an Elopement

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   Lately, a lot of couples are forgoing a large, more traditional wedding for a tiny, intimate ceremony in the great outdoors. There are a ton of different reasons for the increase in adventurous elopements in the past few years. A lot of it has to do with the fact that couples often have to pay for their wedding themselves (which can be upwards of 20 thousand dollars for a pretty low-key affair). The Covid-19 pandemic has also upended plans for a lot of couples who were hoping to celebrate with all of their family and friends. Having a large guest list just isn’t as feasible as it was a few years ago. As much as it sucks to not be able to have an epic dance party or tattoo bar at your wedding, opting for an elopement isn’t a bad Plan B!


  An elopement is a great option to save some money, get some exploring in, and do your day your way. Below are the top five reasons to elope instead of postponing your big day (again!).

bride and groom at Ontario sand dunes elopement

 1.  You get to go on a mini adventure with the love of your life. It can also lead into a honeymoon if you don’t have the time or money to do a big wedding AND a luxurious honeymoon right after.

elopement in Gatineau Provincial Park

2. You can bring your focus back to you as a couple instead of the focus being on little details. These little things can be huge stress inducers in the planning stages, but won’t really matter five years from now. Think seating charts, wrangling RVSP responses from guests by the deadline, or writing hundreds of thank you cards after your wedding… Doesn’t sound like so much fun.

Yes, planning an adventurous elopement involves research, work, and planning. It’s still much easier and less time consuming to plan than a big, traditional wedding though.

Couple in rustic cabin for winter elopement

3. You can spend more of your hard-earned money on what’s important to you. Instead of spending money on meals for guests, a large indoor venue, and gifts for your bridal party, you can spend your money on just a few things. For example:

  • a photo permit if you’re eloping in a park,
  • the wedding dress of your dreams,
  • a beautiful bouquet,
  • custom stationery that acts as a keepsake,
  • a photographer,
  • and the cost to travel to your destination.

Your list of expenses is much shorter with an adventurous elopement or a small wedding.

4. You can pretty much be guaranteed that you’ll have amazing, epic photos. You can definitely still have amazing photos with a traditional wedding. But for someone who loves the outdoors, images of the two of you in nature can hold a special meaning.

5. Elopement photographers can offer a more customized package to meet your vision. It also means you get to make a new adventure buddy and explore an amazing place with them! Many elopement photographers also offer coverage for multiple days, different locations, etc. Basically, a custom package just for you, which means whatever adventure you have in mind, they’ll likely be down!

bride and groom kissing during desert elopement ceremony

If you find a photographer you love, check the travel schedule on their website, or just reach out to see if they would be interested in traveling to your location.

Cliff’s Notes: why opt for an elopement?

  1. allows you to have a wedding AND a honeymoon at the same time
  2. gives you the space to focus on each other, your vows, and your relationship – the important stuff
  3. saves you money
  4. gives you amazing, print-worthy photos
  5. customizable so your day can be totally YOU

They’re also becoming more and more popular, which is honestly a good thing for you. Why? Because it means you have WAY more resources available to help you with the planning process! Another good reason to elope!

If you’re thinking of eloping at a Canadian provincial park, check out this list of helpful tips from Parks Canada to get some info about permits, what to avoid, and how they can help you find the best spot for your elopement.

I hope this gives you that final nudge you needed if you were on the fence about eloping! If you have any other tips, please leave ‘em in the comments below!


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