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Travel Bucket List – 35 Places Before 35

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Are you a fan of bucket lists? I try not to “goal set” too hard, but I find it so much easier to remember all of the epic things I plan on doing when I write them down in the form of a list (I have mom brain to thank for my lack of short-term memory). I recently turned 33, and I completed a travel bucket list that I’ve had in the works for the past few years.

Ever since I hit 30, it’s like a quasi-mid-life crisis is upon me, and I’m verrryy aware of the fact that I will NOT live forever. I’m proud to say that because of this, I have quelled my people pleasing tendencies to become MUCH better at saying no to shit I don’t want to do. I’ve started making bucket lists, which include things like traveling, eating healthy food, exploring, and spending time with my friends and family. The rest? I choose to leave it.

Exploring the rocky coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico with my trusty Wandrd camera bag

As my girl Marie Forleo says, “if it’s not a ‘hell yeah!’, it’s a ‘hell no’.”

If you know me, it’s no secret that I love traveling. It’s one of the biggest things that lights me up, helps me grow as a person, and seriously fuels my creativity.

I think my passion for travel started with my voracious reading habits as a kid. I would either live in the fantasy land inside my head, or find a book with an exotic, foreign setting and become completed engrossed in the story (didn’t all 10 year olds spend their summers burning through adult-level reading lists?! No?! Just me?).

We never traveled long distances as a family, but as I got older the urge to go exploring was ever-present. I was a bit of a chickensh*t and told myself I was too shy to go on grand adventures on my own. Which is hilarious now, because I will fly literally anywhere by myself if it means I can:

a. stay in a hotel room or airbnb by my lonesome (bed to myself? Ummmm, yes please!)

b. read a book on the flight there, or


While yes, I do love traveling solo, I also love meeting new people and traveling with friends and family. A lot of the places I’ve traveled to so far in my life have been with people I love, and I’m so fortunate to even have the possibility of traveling to some of the places on this list in the future.

If you’re planning a wedding, elopement, couples or anniversary session in any of these locations and are looking for a photographer – HIT. ME. UP. If you’re a vendor looking for amazing photos or promotion for your accommodation space or business – again, HIT. ME. UP. 35 is fast approaching and I’ve got a lot of epic places to cross off my list!

checking out the streets of Mexico

My Travel Bucket List


  1. Costa Rica
  2. Panama
  3. Hawaii ✅
  4. India ✅
  5. Mexico ✅
  6. Cuba ✅
  7. Jamaica ✅
  8. Morocco
  9. Spain
  10. Italy
  11. Norway
  12. Ireland ✅
  13. Haida Gwaii Rainforest, BC, Canada
  14. Joshua Tree, California
  15. Maine, USA ✅
  16. Vermont, USA ✅ 
  17. Dominican Republic ✅
  18. Colombia
  19. New Zealand
  20. Australia
  21. Florida ✅
  22. San Francisco, California ✅
  23. Napa Valley, California ✅ 
  24. Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
  25. Golden, BC, Canada ✅
  26. Scotland
  27. England
  28. Japan
  29. Moab, Utah, USA
  30. Greece 
  31. Turkey
  32. Peru
  33. East Coast, Canada
  34. Banff, AB, Canada ✅
  35. PNW, USA

My fave trips in the past year were Mexico and Hawaii!


What are some of the most exciting places you’ve traveled to? What’s one location you’d go visit again in a heartbeat?! I’m always looking for travel inspo and new, amazing places to check out! Drop your fave destinations in the comments below so I can check them out!

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