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the best wedding dresses for eloping

5 Tips to Your Perfect Wedding Dress

It can be super fun to shop for your wedding or elopement dress, but also suuuuper frustrating if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. 

A rainy, rainbow filled wedding ceremony on the island of Oahu

Here are some tips to help give you an idea of what will work for you… BEFORE you start shopping for your wedding dress!  

lesbian brides lying on the forest floor and smiling at each other

1. Think about WHEN + WHERE you’re getting married.

Is it going to be really hot? Really cold? Rainy? Super windy? If you’re getting married on the beach in Mexico, think about light, flowy fabrics and lace. If you’re hiking to the top of a mountain in early spring, choose a dress with some stretch (like this one pictured above by Wear Your Love XO) and long sleeves. Or find a skirt with enough movement and length to catch the wind or hide leggings + hiking boots (like the one below from Alice in Blush).

The perfect winter elopement dress - flowy enough to hide your leggings and your boots!

2. WHO are you, style wise?

Do you like to get dressed up? Or do you prefer to live in yoga pants so you can move freely? If you hate heels and tight dresses, maybe steer clear of that skin tight mermaid gown, no matter how pretty you think it is. Be true to you and choose something that reflects your style. You’ll be SO happy on the day of your wedding that you did. 

a snowy winter elopement in the Quebec mountains

3. WHAT price point are you looking at, realistically?

I’ve seen some absolutely phenomenal gowns for several thousand dollars, and I’ve seen equally beautiful gowns for a fraction of that. Decide WHAT you want your budget to go toward. That way you’ll know EXACTLY what you want to spend BEFORE you start shopping. (Trust me on this one!)

Elopement with a view of the Toronto skyline

4. WHY did you decide to have this ceremony?

Why are you getting married? I know this may sound a little deep, but it’s so easy to fall into overwhelm and get frustrated when you suddenly have to become an event planner. If you take a breath and go back to your WHY when you feel your calm starting to slip, it will help to steer you back to what’s important. 

first dance at an intimate Toronto wedding
beautiful lesbian brides holding a large, boho bouquet while they gaze at each other

5. HOW do you envision your wedding day?

Is it just the two of you? Is it a huge party with all of your friends and family? Having a clear picture of how you want your wedding day to unfold will give you SO much clarity about all of the other little details. Forget about what other people are doing, or what you think a wedding “should” be. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and visualize your wedding – getting ready, the exchange of vows, spending time with your boo… you might even end up having a vision of you in the perfect dress. 😉 

A sunset elopement on a rocky beach along the Ottawa river

6. + one BONUS tip! HOW do you like to shop?

Do you prefer to have help and deal with people in person? Do you prefer to shop online? There are a ton of great options for both. You can book a personalized appointment at a boutique, or just pick a style for a custom dress while shopping online.

Walking through the water after their intimate elopement ceremony

I hope these tips help as you’re on the hunt for your perfect dress! Whenever your hire me to photograph your elopement, I provide a list of vendors that you’ll love!

You can also check out some more dress inspo here:

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